Dangerous Goods & Prohibited Items

To comply with the national and international regulations and best practices of postal and courier operators, and in accordance with Post Office Rules 1947, which governs the handling and/or transmission of postal articles, it is unlawful for senders to use Bersatu Express’s delivery network to send the following prohibited items, whether consisting or containing of:

You can send anything with Bersatu Express except for the items listed under Dangerous Goods and Prohibited Items.

The following items are classified as Prohibited Items:

1. Liquids (of any type)
2. Live plants
3. Drugs, narcotics and paraphernalia
4. Firearms, weaponry, their parts or ammunition including imitations.
5. Human parts/remains (including cremated ashes)
6. Articles which may endanger health, safety and environment or damage other items
7. Jewellery, gold, antiques and precious stones
8. Animals (including insects, eggs, larva, birds and ivory)
9. Coins, currency notes, bullions, credit cards and Bearer Negotiable Instrument
10. Counterfeit and pirated goods (including CDs, VCDs and DVDs)
11. Pornographic and/or obscene materials.

If you have a question about Dangerous Goods or Prohibited Items, you can chat us at 019-6187997.